Lynnette Hawkinson, Sales and Marketing

At St. Philip since: 2003

What is your faith background?
I grew up Catholic in a large church. I found Young Life in Jr. and Sr. High to be a very memorable experience for me to really think about my faith. When I met Marty (now my husband) and started going with his family to church (Lutheran), I ended up taking some classes and getting more involved in the Lutheran church. Now here we are at SPD!

What is something that you love about St. Philip the Deacon?
I think the first thing that drew me into SPD when we moved to Plymouth and were looking for a new church was the warm greeting from Cindy Carlson coming in the door. She was there every week, and introduced herself to us and made us feel so welcome. I also found the programs and opportunities for kids and adults to make a difference in the community – and to learn about God – were outstanding. While the church is large, there is a warm feeling of family that I find comforting. The choir is fabulous and the Pastors are great at delivering the message.

Have you ever been surprised by God? If so, how?
Yes – most recently last year during lent – my son was asked to participate in the service by developing a piece of art from a reading. Just a senior in high school, he accepted and I watched him go through a number of phases of how he would articulate his thoughts on the canvas. Of course his momma thinks he is talented, but I was truly amazed of the final product, because I saw the struggles and joy he went through with this piece. Then he donated the painting to help raise money for the New Orleans mission trip. All in all from start to finish, I feel God’s hands were over every step and I was surprised that I didn’t realize this during the process – but only after the paint was dry.

f you could meet God face-to-face, what would you want to ask?
To be honest, the first thing that comes to mind is “How can I help you?” Then I think I would I think I would ask him if I was meeting his expectations.

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