Lee Larson, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher’s Aide

Lee Larson, Mother, Grandmother, Teacher’s Aide

When did you start attending St. Philip the Deacon? My husband and I and our two children started attending St. Philip in 1974 when we moved to Minnesota from Michigan. From the very beginning it was ‘a natural’ for us.

What is your faith background? I was baptized, confirmed and grew up in a Christian family. Church was an ‘every Sunday event’ and prayers at mealtime. As a married couple, my husband, Frank (deceased), and I and our two children attended a Lutheran church wherever we lived. Our children were baptized as infants and later confirmed at St. Philip the Deacon.

What is your professional background and experience? I don’t have a professional background. I think of myself as an average person. I am widowed, a mother and a grandmother. After graduating from high school, I attended business college for a short time and then was hired/started working for Lutheran Brotherhood Fraternal Ins. Co. now Thrivent Financial. I worked there for 13 years as a secretary to ‘The Secretary,’ then retired to start our family.When our children became full time students I decided to get a part time job and was hired and worked 5 years in our church office here at St. Philip the Deacon. Years passed and now am working as a teacher’s aide at the Wayzata Montessori School.

How are you involved at St. Philip the Deacon? I am an usher and help serve communion on Sundays. Once a month I help stuff our church bulletins on a Friday morning.

What is something you love about St. Philip the Deacon? The people! And, of course, our pastors, organist, choir, office staff, the people who care for our church and grounds. They are all so dedicated to their work. An amazing group of people. My favorite day and time of the week is when I’m in church on Sunday morning. I feel complete and close to God. Another favorite of mine is our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service…it is beautiful.

Have you ever been surprised by God? If so, how? When my husband died at age 47 I prayed to God for strength and guidance for myself and my teenage children. It was an extremely sad time for us. After months and years passed I realized and maybe even ‘surprised’ how God had given us the strength I had prayed for and knew he had walked with us at that very difficult time in our lives. Thanks be to God!

If you could meet God face-to-face, what would you want to ask? I hope I would not be speechless….but if I could speak I would ask God if there will ever be a time in our world when people will stop hurting each other because of religious differences.

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