Lent 2010: See

In the musical Les Misérables, a memorable lyric states: “To love another person is to see the face of God.” As beings who are created in the image of God, this seems to be a true statement—that to look at one another should be one of the most compelling ways we see the face of God.

This isn’t the only place, though, where God reveals Himself right before our eyes. God’s footprints, fingerprints, and handiwork are littered throughout this world. It is a “crime” scene that even the most amateur CSI-devotee would be able to crack. The crime is a God who loves us so much as to put so much evidence of Himself in plain view if only we have the eyes to see.

Catherine of Siena once wrote, “Wisdom is so kind and wise that wherever you may look you can learn something about God. Why would not the omnipresent teach that way?”

– Amanda Berger

Question: Where do you see God in our world? How has God’s face been revealed to you?

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  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the book. My mom thought I should answer your Lent question as a special thanks for the credit you gave me.

    I see god in my grandma that passed away a couple of years ago. I see his face in all of the people that are kind and helpful to me. The people that I am referring to is mostly my teachers,my friends, and my family, etc. He is everywhere! He helps and heals. He is worthy…there is no one like him!

  • Is it just me, or have you noticed too? It seems that since our Lenten Journey began on Ash Wednesday with our focus on the five senses, everywhere there are references to our senses! The March issue of Martha Stewart Living is devoted to the senses. I heard a news report on the radio last week referencing our senses. Then there was a book review and just today there was an article in the variety section of the Star Tribune about a guy who sees the newspaper differently . . . check it out! And dont forget to report back here . . . what are you seeing, hearing, experiencing differently?!

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