Mark and Deb Allison, Business Owner and Sales Director

Mark and Deb Allison, Business Owner and Sales Director

What year did you begin attending St. Philip the Deacon? We began attending St. Philip in 1996 or so. We had just moved to the neighborhood and were thrilled to have discovered St. Philip.

What is your faith background? We were both baptized, confirmed and grew up in the Lutheran church.

What is your professional background and experience? Mark is a business owner who has three locations of a hearing aid franchises in the Twin Cities area. Previous to his entrepreneurship, Mark worked in the grocery industry for 34 years as the COO for a family-owned franchise company. Deb enriches women’s lives as an sales director with an international women’s cosmetics line.

How are you involved at St. Philip the Deacon? We love being involved and attending church weekly as a family. Both of our children—RJ and Berit—were baptized at St. Philip. RJ was confirmed at St. Philip in January 2011 and our daughter, Berit, will follow suit in January 2014. What a special time it is for these young adults! Our involvement has changed over the years from volunteering in the nursery, to teaching Sunday school, to leading Leadership Studies, to chaperoning Confirmation retreats, to serving communion and ushering at SPDLC. We love helping to stock the Christmas Store during the holidays, assisting local children in the fall with warm winter clothing and helping out with Families Moving Forward.

What is something that you love about St. Philip the Deacon? We immediately fell in love with hearing such powerful message’s from the pastors every week at service, the music being amazing, and were duly impressed with the leadership and children’s ministry at SPDLC. We felt like family from the beginning attending St. Philip the Deacon!

Have you ever been surprised by God? If so, how? For Deb, I have been amazed at how awesome of a God our God is as I have strengthened my understanding of the God’s word in the Bible over the years in various Bible studies. God surprises me every day by what He does and by what He demonstrates to me. He is truly incredible and I am so blessed to have Him be my Father. Mark and I continue to be amazed what an awesome God we have as our Father and what His purpose is in us to spread His word to others.

If you could meet God face-to-face, what would you want to ask? That’s a big question. And how cool that would be. Mark and I would ask God if all of the different faiths out there were his idea besides Christianity. We find it hard to understand how there can be so many different beliefs out there today. We would also like to ask how difficult it may have been for Him to watch us humans on earth be so divided in our beliefs.

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