Brian & Leigh Hendrickson, Director of Operations and Special Ed Teacher

What is your faith background? We both grew up attending Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley (another suburb of Minneapolis).

What is your professional background and experience? Brian has worked in the paper and printing industry for 20 years and is currently is the Director of Midwest Operations for a paper converting company. I have been a special education teacher for 18 years and I currently teach high school language arts classes for students with a variety of disabilities.

What is something that you love about St. Philip the Deacon? We are new to St. Philip the Deacon and we have loved how welcoming everyone has been to us and our children. We appreciate that our children can attend a portion of the worship service with us and the Children’s Sermons always have a great age-appropriate message. The wide variety of opportunities for our children is a large reason why we chose to join St. Philip the Deacon and we have not been disappointed!

Have you ever been surprised by God? If so, how? Brian’s father suffered a massive heart attack at a young age and was expected to live less than five years. It has been over 25 years and he is still with us and enjoys his grandchildren, many prayers have been answered through those years!

If you could meet God face-to-face, what would you want to ask? We would ask how there can be such tremendous suffering and injustice in the world. On a daily basis I work with youth who carry burdens far larger than they should, and sometimes can, handle. They are growing up only miles from our home, yet the challenges they experience seem so unjust. How can more people be motivated to share God’s love and serve people within our own communities in a meaningful way?

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