Tim & Trish Johnson, Golf Course Industry and Stay-at-Home Mom

What year did you begin attending St. Philip the Deacon? We have been members since 1998 or so.

What is your faith background? As children we were both blessed to grow up in Christian families. Tim has always attended a Lutheran Church and Trish grew up in the Catholic tradition. When our first son was born, we decided to attend one church as a family. It has been a great blessing to share our faith and worship together.

What is your professional background and experience? Tim works in the Golf Course Industry and Trish is a Stay-at-Home Mom, who formerly had a career in HR.

How are you involved at St. Philip the Deacon? As our children have grown over the years, we have served in many different ways from teaching Sunday School and Confirmation, to leading adult small groups. This year we are enjoying leading our youngest son’s Confirmation class.

What is something that you love about St. Philip the Deacon? We truly love the servant heart we have found at SPD. The mission statement to reach out and proclaim the Gospel has real hands and feet when you see the members of this church serving in our community. The pastors and staff stay well informed about the needs in our community, making it easy to find a way to reach out and serve our neighbors.

Have you ever been surprised by God? If so, how? God surprises us every day! It could be a beautiful sunrise, change of the seasons or  glorious sunset. It’s amazing to us how God works out all the details of our busy lives out to accomplish His purposes. What seems at times like random events, in the perspective of time, you can see God’s hand weaving together the events. We look for His hand throughout our lives.

If you could meet God face-to-face, what would you want to ask? When we meet God face-to-face we won’t be thinking about our questions, but most likely how wonderfully amazing He is. If we were able to gather our thoughts, we might ask why evil is permitted to destroy so much of God’s work here on earth? Also, we might ask why He bothered to make mosquitoes.

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