Dave and Lynn Talen, Med Tech Exec and Sales Rep

At St. Philip since: Lynn and I and our daughters, Haley and Brooke, have been attending St. Phillip since 2007.

Our Faith Background: Until we were married, I think that Lynn and I would have said that our faith was Catholic, for Lynn, and Presbyterian, for myself. The issue of religion, however, at the time we decided to get married, forced us to discover what faith really meant to us. We learned that the faith traditions of our respective religions are not significantly different. We believe in one God that is all loving. We have faith that our one God willingly gave his only Son to save us and that there is eternal life and forgiveness of our sins. We believe that Man is created in God’s image and, as a result, there is goodness in everyone.

What is something you love about St. Philip the Deacon? The confirmation process at St. Philip culminates in a special event for parents and their child. We will always remember that night.

If you could meet God face to face, what would you want to ask? While whole books have been written on the subject, we would like to ask God why bad things happen to good people. We might finally understand the nature of the freedom that God has given man to make his/her own choices.

Have you ever been surprised by God? Yes, my mother survived a terrible car accident two years ago. It is a miracle that she is alive today.

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