Lent 2010: Smell

“We are the aroma of Christ…” 

When first hearing this passage from 2 Corinthians, it seems like a very odd thing to say. And yet, thinking about the way smell works, it is an interesting metaphor. 

Whether pleasant or rank, smell cannot be contained. You cannot avoid it, and regardless of where the scent comes from, it can permeate the air around us. It fills both a small and large space in equal measure.

The aroma of fresh baked bread will make us salivate. The fresh, dark scent of newly turned soil in the spring reminds us of rebirth. Scents are one of the most powerful memory triggers for us as well—can you remember what perfume your grandmother wore or the smell of your favorite blanket fresh out of the dryer?

We are the aroma of Christ. Those of us who follow in Jesus’ footsteps cannot help but to allow that “aroma” to spill out of our church walls, into the streets, granting it access to our homes, our workplaces, schools, and the rest of our lives. 

Sniff, sniff. It smells like Jesus in here.

– Amanda Berger

Question: What scents trigger memories for you?  How have you allowed the “Aroma of Christ” to permeate your life?

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