The Bread

by RJ Allison

A week before Lent, I chose to bake a loaf of bread for one of the projects we were doing for confirmation. So, on a Saturday I got the recipe out for the bread and got out all the ingredients. I mixed the ingredients together and then kneaded the dough. I let the dough rise and then put it in the oven. Then, 40 minutes later I had bread.

While I was baking this loaf of bread, I was thinking about the bread used in communion and the bread I baked. They seemed completely different and I do not know how I made the connection, but what I thought was that communion is something that we all should receive. And the next time you go up for communion, think about what it really was, is, and will be.

During Lent 2011, we are encouraging the St. Philip the Deacon community to reflect on the Sacrament of Holy Communion — recalling early memories, describing memorable celebrations of Communion, or reflecting on how Communion informs daily life. This post is part of that series. We invite your reflections about Communion, as well. If you would like to submit something for this series, please send it to Pastor Cheryl Mathison at

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