Lent 2010: Taste

Recently, I stumbled across a blog entitled, “Food & Faith,” in which the writer discusses how what God has given us for our bodily nourishment—namely, food—also provides spiritual sustenance.

And, of course, that is true.

After all, there is no better moment to feel the goodness of God’s bounty poured out than when we are seated at a meal, surrounded by carefully prepared dishes made from the freshest and best ingredients. And we feel God’s goodness even more fully when we are sharing this bounty with those we love—our dearest friends and family.

Psalm 34 reads “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

We should take the words of that Psalm seriously. Savor the Lord. Experience God’s goodness in the smooth sweetness of honey, the crisp bite of a juicy apple, the chewy comfort of a chocolate chip cookie.

It makes me hungry just thinking about it!

– Amanda Berger

Question: Where and with whom have you shared a meal that especially evidenced God’s bounty? Thanksgiving is when we normally show gratitude for God’s gift of food, but what other meals have given you a deep knowledge of God’s sustenance and goodness?

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