Communion at Lakewood Cemetery

by Bruce A. Warner

There are events and items that one participates in so often that the significance of the event or item sometimes gets lost. A communion, outdoors at Lakewood Cemetery last year, reinforced to me how important this special Sacrament is in my life. With thirty plus, all joining hands and led by Pastor Mathison, we rejoiced in the forgiveness and promise of our Lord. My wife and parents are buried at Lakewood.  The celebration of Holy Communion caused me to reflect on the wonderful life we enjoyed together and the confidence that we will be together again. Tears were observed during the Sacrament, but everyone was smiling when we concluded. It was especially gratifying to see how many children were there learning about this Sacrament from the example of adults.

During Lent 2011, we are encouraging the St. Philip the Deacon community to reflect on the Sacrament of Holy Communion — recalling early memories, describing memorable celebrations of Communion, or reflecting on how Communion informs daily life. This post is part of that series. We invite your reflections about Communion, as well. If you would like to submit something for this series, please send it to Pastor Cheryl Mathison at

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