Bad Religion

Bad Religion

Ross Douthat’s Bad Religion is a tour de force analysis of the state of Christianity in America today.

In this volume, Douthat examines how political, cultural and theological dynamics—especially since World War II—have resulted in powerful and public forms of “Christianity” which are anything but Christian.

Hard-hitting but reasonable, intelligent but accessible, prescriptive but appropriately humble, Douthat helps Christians—and non-Christians, too—understand how we got to where we are, and also offers some suggestions about how we might live more faithfully into God’s future.

You may not agree with everything Douthat says, but even if you don’t, this volume will give you a great deal to think about—including, appropriately, how you might choose to engage those with whom you have theological or political disagreements. The book ends with one of the most gently attractive invitations to “step over the threshold of your local church” that I’ve read anywhere.

Highly, highly recommended.

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