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Yesterday, I signed up for accounts with Twitter (to tweet) and with WordPress (to blog). Felt like I had to enter the 21st century.

I sent out my first tweet, and noticed later that — despite my care and concern for it — I had made a mistake. My tweet had a typo. Instead of “not so,” I had unintentionally typed “no so.” Which doesn’t make any sense. In any context. Even in a tweet.

So it goes. We try, and we fall down. We attempt, and we fail.

I’m told the first written pages of the St. John’s Bible — a multi-million dollar effort to create the first entirely hand-written Bible in more than 500 years — also had an error on it. The committee met to decide if they should re-do the page. They decided not to. Better, they thought, to leave the error in, as a reminder that none of us are perfect, only God is.

So, if you happen to see my tweet, I’m leaving it. As a reminder. I’m not perfect either.

Question: Do you struggle with trying to be perfect?

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